Visiting address:

City Hall Quarter
Rådhusgata 18 - 2nd floor
4611 Kristiansand

Relocation Agder is professional and friendly - that's how our new employees describe their experience with them! We are so pleased and grateful for the flexibility they offer our new colleagues and that they showcase Southern Norway in the best possible way.

Elisabeth Meidel

Director People & Culture/ Morrow Batteries

Our employees say that Relocation is extremely helpful throughout the relocation process. Many of them are also very satisfied with "Secrets of Agder", which helps new arrivals integrate into the local community.

Anita Karlsen

NUC Director/ Noroff Kristiansand

Relocation is a great supporter for us. The help and support they provide in terms of practical and social challenges in a new environment is a great help to our business here locally.

Vibeke Zernichow

HR manager/ SLB

Our collaboration with Relocation Agder contributes to an orderly and efficient registration and application process for migrant workers and their families in Agder

Pia Oline Lawrence

Head of section/ Agder Police District

Relocation is worth its weight in gold - expedient, service-oriented and efficient! They helped with everything from finding accommodation to arranging bank accounts and residence permits - and that took a lot of pressure off me as a manager.

Kirsten Gundersen

HR Advisor/ Sørlandet Sykehus HF

In a busy time as a start-up and as a gradually expanding company, where we have found fantastic colleagues from abroad, Relocation Agder has been an indispensable help to us at Norse Atlantic Airways. We and our employees experience security and overall a fantastic follow-up of both employees and their families both during the application process and once they have arrived in both Arendal and Oslo. So we at Norse are very grateful that Relocation Agder exists and also for our good cooperation.

Tone Kristin Øverkil

Group People Office Manager/ Norse Atlantic Airways

Relocation Agder provides impeccable service and expertise for us as an employer, but most importantly for our new employees moving to our region. Our new colleagues can come to Agder safe in the knowledge that we are fully compliant with current regulations and fully in line with our business values.

No'omi-Ann Berge Acosta

HR Manager/ OSM Thome

We are very pleased with the help Relocation Agder has given us. The whole process went smoothly and the communication was impeccable. Even though our employees were not moving to Agder, they felt very well looked after and felt that they received help with everything they needed from start to finish. I would highly recommend getting assistance from Relocation Agder, our experience is another example of how it pays off to ask for help when you need it.

Ine Steinsland

Customer Support and Talent Acquisition/ Advantek Group

The experience of a safe and efficient start for our new employees moving to Arendal, is for us as the employer of great value and help to be able to use the services of Relocation Agder. They offer an incredibly good service and help with all the practical work that comes with moving to a new country. A good start for newcomers to our region.

Cathrine Frigstad

Senior HR Advisor/ Gard AS

From the day this excellent cooperation started in 2019 we have been satisfied with the services, dedication and ‘hands on mentality’ provided by Relocation Agder. Their combination of professionalism and kindness is unique! And highly appreciated both by our international employees moving to our Region to work for the The University of Agder, and by our internal staff getting so much help from Relocation Agder. They offer the very best service with all kinds of registrations, formalities and practicalities - from the beginning of the hiring process until the employees have arrived and started working here. This is also the case for spouses and families, which is highly appreciated and an important factor for our employees moving here. All in line with current laws and legislations; we can always trust the process to be reliable and safe.
The ‘Secrets of Agder’ event has also been so appreciated due to networking and socializing for especially our International, and also for our Norwegian employees. We definitely recommend Relocation Agder to anyone in our Region hiring personnel from abroad! 

Helene Braathen

Director of Human Resources and Organization/ UiA University of Agder