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Southern Norway is full of different actors and institutions involved in culture. Both the preservation of old cultural heritage and innovative creative culture have their place. Outdoor areas near the sea, cliffs and mountains, and large and small venues around the region provide the basis for good cultural experiences. The composition of professional artists, voluntary teams and organizations, and young musicians and artists on the rise provide a wide range of offers and events in Southern Norway.

Southern Norway is known for a number of festivals and events that have put Southern Norway on the map for many years. Palmesus, which has established itself as Scandinavia's largest beach festival, the Chamber Music Festival and the Wooden Boat Festival in Risør, the Shellfish Festival in Mandal and the Caper Days in Farsund are among many events that have become traditions in the summer months. But it's so much more than that!

There are many music festivals in southern Norway, and there is something for everyone. Throughout the summer you can experience great music in the archipelago, whether it's in Grimstad at Skral Festival, on Odderøya in Kristiansand at Måkeskrik, on Canal Street in Arendal, in Fjellparken in Flekkefjord. You can also enjoy good music in Ravnedalen, at Hunsfest in Vennesla or Norway Rock in Kvinesdal, Eikerapen Rootsfestival or at Rekordfestivalen in Hovden. Not to forget Heimover in Åmli or Mandal Jazz before the fall comes and the metal festival Southern DisComfort, the post-rock festival Vivid, Dark Season or Sørveiv.

Theater, opera, and a myriad of performances of all kinds at Kilden Teater og Konserthus, Buen Kulturhus and Kulturhuset in Grimstad, Arendal, Lyngdal and Flekkefjord. In addition, there are spectacular outdoor stages that provide magical surroundings either in Fjæreheia or in Kjuttaviga in Dyreparken. The summer revue is a great success in Grimstad or out on the reefs in Ny Hellesund. And Ravnedans offers contemporary dance in a number of different places, but preferably in Ravnedalen.  

The region has a number of museums with various exhibitions: Sørlandet Art Museum, Bomuldsfabriken, Kristiansand Kunsthall and ARTendal to name a few. The Vest-Agder Museum has several locations and there are a large number of studios and galleries throughout the region.

There are a wide variety of other festivals in the region throughout the year. Sup og Stup in Lillesand offers a great summer atmosphere, while the Grimstad Ski Festival brings the winter cold to life. The Children's Book Festival in Grimstad and the Children's Film Festival in Kristiansand are a must for families with young children. The Sørlandet Food Festival in July, the Shellfish Festival in August, and the Wine Harvest ensure good food and drink throughout the year.

Arendalsuka has established itself as an annual national arena where political, social and business actors meet to debate and shape policies for the present and future. The Protest Festival is another festival that engages and elevates the debates.

All this, as well as improv theater, quizzes, game clubs of all kinds, allows everyday life to be filled with varied culture throughout the year. 

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