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Business Region Kristiansand
Rådhusgata 12
4611 Kristiansand

/ Establishing and investing

The Kristiansand region has a long and proud industrial tradition and a diverse business community. Strong competence environments, industry clusters and businesses have developed world-class high-tech solutions and built up expertise that few can match.

The Kristiansand region is among the country's leaders in renewable energy. Large natural hydropower resources, a leading power company and a pioneering solar cell industry provide opportunities for innovation and sustainable value creation for the future. The region has a long tradition of international trade and is in a unique position in terms of exports with a world-leading offshore industry and its strategic location towards Europe. 

Close cooperation between universities, business, the public sector and cultural life strengthens a vital entrepreneurial environment, innovation and skills development in areas such as green technology, ICT, culture and welfare. 

The Kristiansand region is closest to the continent and has a well-developed port and a regional airport with good connections to nodes in Norway and Europe. Kristiansand Airport Kjevik shortens the travel time to central cities in Norway and Europe, and annually there are about 1,000,000 journeys that start or end at Kjevik. Kristiansand is connected to the railroad from Stavanger to Oslo, which provides opportunities for both freight and passenger traffic both eastward and westward. Annually, just over 1.3 million passenger journeys are made across Skagerak, and a total of just over 400,000 tons are unloaded and loaded annually.